4D Baby scan
Baby Scan
Moving 3D video images of your baby


4D baby scan Have you ever thought about what your baby looks like? 4D Baby Imaging use the latest innovations in ultrasound scanning technology to provide a spectacular 4D baby scan which adds the dimension of time to provide 3D video images of your baby moving in the womb. Bonding between parents and baby is thought to be stronger when the 3D image is seen compared to the 2D image. This is because the 4D baby scan of the baby is much more realistic.

4D baby scan At 4D Baby Imaging we record 4D ultrasound baby scans to capture forever the magic of seeing your baby clearly for the first time. All our 4D baby scans are performed by trained midwives and ultrasonographers with clinical support from a Consultant Obstetrician who is a specialist in Fetal Medicine and Prenatal Diagnosis. 4D Baby Imaging are the only provider of 4D baby scans in the region who can offer this combination of highly trained staff and the most sophisticated 4D ultrasound equipment.

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